About Puffin Patchwork… 


It’s the place to come if you like quirky, colourful embroidered textile creations, if you believe in buying handmade things direct from the maker, things which are individually made with time and care, for special gifts and lasting keepsakes.

And if you love creating and want to make your own, I have kits and patterns, and am here to help you.

I’ve been sewing all my life, and am living my dream of working at home, sending my work to customers all over the world. I spend hours and hours sewing as my creations are all hand stitched and very labour-intensive, but it still feels like playing when I’m putting together colours and patterns to make charming little characters.

I design and make everything myself, using felt, threads, buttons and my collections of fabrics, many of which are vintage and repurposed. I often make custom and personalised ornaments, and am proud of the feedback I receive from happy customers.

…and a little bit about me              

I’m Sylvia, I grew up on a tiny island in Cornwall, England, and I now live in Dingle, Ireland, with my partner George, son Tomas and our cats. I love gardening, hate cooking, and try to balance the hours and hours of sewing by doing yoga and a bit of dancing. I read an almost unrelieved diet of vintage murder mysteries, and when I grow up I’m going to write one.

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Contact me at puffin@puffinpatchwork.com

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